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4 Corners Vocabulary

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This is a strategy for making Vocabulary words comprehensible.

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4-Corners Vocabulary

                -Building Background


The purpose of 4-Corners Vocabulary is to enable students to contextualize words by creating a chart with an illustration (representing the word), a sentence (that includes the word), a definition (of the word), and the actual vocabulary word. The teacher may create a chart, while upper grade students may create their own.

1.       Fold the chart paper in fourths so that students can only view on corner at a time.

2.       Start with the illustration,

3.       Then the definition,

4.       Then the contextualized sentence

5.       Finally show the class the actual vocabulary word.

Once complete, the 4-Corners Vocabulary chat can be posted on the wall for further reference. Students can also create their own vocabulary flashcards using this same idea, which is ideal for self study.  Students can fold the card into fourths and use that to practice on their own.






The fluffiest clouds, that look like cotton, are called cumulus.





A whit billowy cloud type with dark, flat base.

(from the Latin cumulus meaning

“a heap”)

Vocabulary word